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I've finished 2 sketches in Selipa's gallery now and they're about the time she fights Frieza on Namek. The redrawn pics are not posted yet but when I compare them to the ones I did back in 2015 the difference is staggering. As soon as I finish more I'll upload the new ones (they'll overwrite the old pics). 
Alright I've begun, sorta... Been redrawing some of the older pics in Selipa's folder and cutting out the crap in the story. Changes aren't yet uploaded though.
So I'm Core. Does it make a difference??
Facts on Selipa
Biography and backstory can be found here.

Here's a little bit of extra, miscellaneous info on my little Saiyaness Selipa:

Race: Saiyan (Pureblood)

Born: Age 732

Died: Age 737 (sent to Afterlife and given her body to keep for 12 years)

Revived: Age 749 (adolescent body) on Earth by King Enma. Stayed as teenager until being taken back to afterlife in Age 780 due to her time being expired.

Mother: Selika (in this timeline she is the General of the Saiyan Army instead of Nappa)

Father: Renso (vanished mysteriously when Selipa was a few months old, in reality he was ambushed by Frieza's henchmen due to alarmingly good progress in his assignments)

Childhood best friend: Prince Vegeta

Favourite colours: Blue and Green           

Preferred food: Anything edible 

Worst memory: Dying as a kid during Planet Vegeta's final moments

Fondest memory: Too many, difficult to choose from

Personality: Not as "funny" as Goku but Selipa can deliberately be a 'fool' at times. She has an affectionate side which was learnt from her interactions with her mother and Gine during her younger years. She is approximately like a mix between Goku and Vegeta as Selipa can be serious too (and prideful like Vegeta). She also has a naughtier side which started coming about after Zangya joined her crew.

Loves: Including but not limited to.... 

- Food
- Fighting
- Having her tail brushed

Role models during Selipa's childhood years on Planet Vegeta:

Bardock and Crew 
Her mother 
Prince and King Vegeta 

Additional role models after being revived and placed on Earth by King Enma:

Vegito (met him via Supreme Kai of Time)

Favourite Attack: The Galick Gun

Signature attack: Galick Kamehameha (invented by Selipa)

Worst/Hated Attack: Frieza's Supernova

Some of the attacks invented/known/taught/stolen by/ used by Selipa:

- Galick Kamehameha
- Galick Gun
- Kamehameha
- Spirit Bomb
- Wolf Fang Fist
- Blaster Shell
- Gigantic Omega
- Sky Zapper
- Split Finger Shot
- Bomber DX
- Death Beam
- Crazy Finger Shot


Great Ape (stable)

Kaioken (up to 20x with increasing fatigue)

Super Saiyan

Legendary Super Saiyan (at first resembles Broly's in terms of appearance but later Selipa's eyes do show)

Legendary Super Saiyan 3 (at first resembles Broly's in terms of appearance but later Selipa's eyes do show)

Super Saiyan God

Most interesting villain fought: Broly due to Selipa first transforming into LSSJ after getting beaten to near death and realizing how similar the two of them are.

Power multipliers for Selipa:

Great Ape: initially x10 base but Selipa brings it to x100 base eventually BUT is unable to transform further in Great Ape state

Kaioken: varies but at the cost of increasing fatigue

Super Saiyan: x50 base and Selipa does manage to reach FPSSJ which is still x50 base but less taxing on the body

Legendary Super Saiyan: x2.5 of SSJ.

Power DOES NOT RISE CONTINUALLY as some may believe. LSSJ is simply for Selipa a 2.5x boost to SSJ and without fatigue and with recharging Ki (energy used gradually recharges back to full power but does not surpass her current maximum power in this state)

Legendary Super Saiyan 3: x4.5 of LSSJ with recharging Ki and no fatigue.

Super Saiyan God: Scaling unknown. Allows usage of God Ki and Selipa is unable to be sensed in this form by non-God beings.

Miscellaneous info:

Her powerlevel upon arriving on Earth/being placed on Earth by King Enma is 3 million (this is what she achieves after 12 years worth of training as a kid in the afterlife). This is level with base form Goku when he fought against Frieza on Namek.

Her name "Selipa" is based on Fasha's Japanese name "Selypa" but just with a different spelling. Selypa is an anagram of 'Parsley' with every letter except the r so therefore 'Selipa' here has her name based off of parsley in a way. 

She models herself after her childhood friend Vegeta but ironically ends up being much like Goku in a way.

If there is anything else that you feel needs to be added (or that you wish to know) let me know. Wink/Razz 

Thinking about redoing some pictures in Selipa's gallery, is this a good idea? Like perhaps the older, lower-quality stuff
So according to DBS there's a new character that is a Female Saiyan capable of transforming into an LSSJ-like form. This makes me feel nervous about uploading new Selipa pics because she will seem like a ripoff to group members who do not know that the idea of my OC came before this new DBS Saiyan girl.


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N7warrior007 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Well finished playthrough 1 of andromida is it as bad as critics say? na i don't think so. there is some sjw but its not main part of the story and is easily avoided. Biggest thing is prety much everyone and anyone is romanceable making everyone lgbt. thats the problem say 11 million of each race. out of those few are actually out of stasis out of that you meet a handful the fact that they'd all be lgbt is statitically impossible

plot wise its ok the kett are basically colectors and reapers rolled into one in looks, enemy types and beliefs. Kett basically believe they're superior and all races should be one bla bla bla they basically have a sirum that turns anyone into kett like reapers do to people.

i guess in ways it makes sence if life runs in cycles mabe galixies do but its doesn't seem intentional,

gameplay wise its more fun than any in the trilogy with the improved movent and avading and jumping through the jetpack. Its more fun and allows more stratagy. as is multi player

biggest issue is the animations that can be wonkey and weird

but i don't blame them buisness wise if a progect doesn't do well the next one doesn't get as much. I think they had less budgit, it kinda shows

the game has good moments and bad. its a mixed bag. you can definitly go into it without any need of playing the first three for the most part.

is it better than the trillogy? no not really but its ending was actually done better

for one it does actually feel like all your choices till them made a impact. when all your allies come to help it truly made all that effort and time seem worth while so its kinda funny the game critics hate i feel is the one with the best climax of the 4. 

again biggest issue is animations and human models which they've began to patch. 

honestly id give it a 6-7 out of 10 for it. gameplay s fun, sjw crap is avoidable or just meh over. Multiplayer is fu, harder than three which i like feels more team stratogy is needed which i like more. 

I would playagain if there a ng+ option
Vegito65 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well that's good to hear. Me? I won't be getting it because it's pricey, 50gb download and sorry to say but the human Crewmembers (I usually only romance humans) look too ugly for my taste (females I only romance in games). I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed it but I think my Mass Effect journey ends with 3.
N7warrior007 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
It's honestly not as bad as trailers made it and they did a "graphics update" which slightly improved them. Character wise they're good
Vegito65 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know it's not so bad but this game just puts me off. It doesn't 'feel' right to me and I just cannot play it. Perhaps it's attachment to the trilogy and its cast but I refuse to move on. Not into Andromeda.
(1 Reply)
N7warrior007 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Well fuck. I think they're under the floorboards now. Yay...
N7warrior007 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
oh and its a game breaking bug too yay...
N7warrior007 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
already found a bug where i'm replaying a mission by going back to the area
N7warrior007 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
i met the said asari.

i think it was the trailer. she's better in game
N7warrior007 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
oh good what did they do to the krogan. krogan are warriors INCLUDING THE FEMALES 

the new one's did the screw up their own lore?!
Vegito65 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What happened to the Krogan here? Something wrong?
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